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Miniature world, endless possibilities πŸ™Œ

Custom Product Name Display

Remember that we can customize the product name display with your company name or logo, and other things that you might requested πŸ™Œ

Small Scale

Small scale, big imagination πŸ™Œ

FOD: Foreign Object Damage

FOD stands for Foreign Object Damage. It is a well known failure mechanism in the gas turbine. It occurs when a turbine part is damaged by an object, usually comes from outside. But FOD can also happens when upstream components break up and strike downstream components such as turbine blades.

Gas Turbine Maintenance Organization

The key to all satisfactory maintenance activity is planning. This is especially true when dealing with gas turbines. Even the simplest of maintenance tasks, whether it is recognized or not, requires some measure of pre-planning. A maintenance policy for gas turbines must address the increased importance of inspection and overhaul planning if unplanned outages are…

Some Intro to Gas Turbine Maintenance Philosophy

For industrial application, there are two distinct groups of gas turbines which require greatly different approaches of maintenance. They are the aircraft derivatives and the heavy duty industrial

A Perfect Gift

A perfect gift for a friend, a colleague, a client, a customer or an employee, who deal daily with industrial gas turbines and turbomachinery πŸ™Œ

LM GTE460MS Now with Free Name Display

SOBAR Gas Turbine Engine LM GTE460MS Custom LEGO Set, now with free name display πŸ™Œ And you can customize it with your company name or other things as per your request.

What is Tensegrity Structure?

A tensegrity structure is a type of structure in which compression and tension are used in conjunction to create a stable and strong form. The name “tensegrity” is a blend of words from “tensional integrity,” which refers to the balance of forces within the structure. Tensegrity structures are typically composed of a combination of compression…

The Rhyme of Oil Separator

A separator vessel of oil and gas,A machine of mighty worth and mass,It stands tall and strong, a sight to behold,A guardian of oil, both young and old. With pipes and valves and gauges galore,It works around the clock, never a bore,Separating the two, with skill and finesse,It performs its task with great success. The…

Theory of Engineering Enthusiasm

e = mcΒ² Where “e” is engineering enthusiasm. And “m” is miniaturability and brickability of an engineering equipment, which is a measure of how easy certain equipment to be miniaturized and built by LEGO bricks. Then “c” is cuteness 😁

Our New Packaging

With our new packaging, you can save up to 30% in international shipping cost πŸ™Œ Try our shipment cost calculator to get the cost estimate.


Resistance is not futile. It’s voltage divided by current πŸ˜›

Watertube Boiler Custom LEGO

Introducing our new LM B100T Watertube Boiler. With boiler capacity of absolute zero MBtu, and with no fuel input requirement whatsoever 😁

Diesel Fuel Filter Custom LEGO

Thank you PT Mitra Rekayasa Teknik for ordering Little Mechanic’s Custom LEGO Set πŸ˜ƒAnd please don’t hydro test the filter OK πŸ˜† For any of you who are not familiar, PT Mitra Rekayasa Teknik is a company in Indonesia who specialized in filtration products and filtration solution. Including liquid fuel (e.g. diesel) filtration, which has…

From 0 kV to None

This power transformer will lower down the voltage from 0 kV to none πŸ˜›And it fits perfectly on your desk πŸ™Œ Note:If you want a custom company logo on the product name display, just let us know. We can make it for you.

Downsizing an Industrial Equipment

Downsizing an industrial equipment by a scale of 1:40 so that you can put it on your table, is indeed awe-mazing πŸ™Œ

A Firepump with Zero Vibration

If you’re looking for a way to evaluate rotating equipment vibration, and you have no history or baseline, then you can use ISO 10816 (previously ISO 2372). The standard contains criteria for judging machine condition from casing velocity measured at a specified location at each bearing, expressed in inch/second rms or mm/second rms. Remember: rms…

Firewater Pump LM FW302

Please welcome our new equipment and new technician: electric firewater pump and machinery diagnostic technician 😁 Hope you like it πŸ™Œ

You Deserve a Quality Time

If you’re looking for a quality time after a long busy working hours. Then building our custom LEGO set might be the answer 😁 As a plus, you can also silently promote your love of engineering & profession, to your family πŸ™Œ

Our Line Up So Far

This is our line up for industrial equipment miniature so far πŸ˜ƒ. And we do our best to continue adding more and more equipment to the series. If you have a favorite equipment that you’d love to see in the series, let us know in the comment section.

A Zero NOx Emission and Zero kW Gas Turbine

This gas turbine engine custom Lego set is roughly 1:40 in scale, which in real life, it would be about the size of SOLAR Titan 250 or GE Frame 5 gas turbine engine. It’s designed for mechanical engineers, technicians, managers, retirees, or enthusiasts, especially someone who deal daily with turbomachinery and rotating equipment πŸ™Œ It…

This Wellhead will Fails on Pressure Test

This mini splitter wellhead will definitely failed on pressure test 😁 But it won’t fail you in providing an educational fun, expressing your expertise, as well as sharing your love of profession, to your friends, colleagues, family, and the next generation πŸ™Œ

A Zero Voltage Power Transformer

A custom Lego set designed for electrical engineers, technicians, managers, retirees, or enthusiasts. With 393 grams in weight, 19.1 centimeters long, 9.5 centimeters wide, 13.2 centimeters tall, 499 parts, 65 pages instruction, with zero voltage and current 😁

Mechanic vs Farmer

Adustable wrench vs Pacul, hard hat vs Caping 😁

Being Small

Being small doesn’t prevent you to carry out a big job.

Well Established LEGO | Niche Filling Sluban

LEGO is a well established brand. While Sluban is relatively new, but filling the niche πŸ–– Sluban was founded in 2004 and relatively new to the market. They may not have a well established fans nor community. But more and more people know them. Especially because Sluban have a vast options of military theme, which…

Durable LEGO | Affordable Sluban

LEGO is stronger and durable, while Sluban is more affordable πŸ–– You can play with LEGO for years and the grip between the bricks will still be as new. You won’t likely have a loose connection between the bricks. While Sluban’s price in general, is 60% of LEGO. It still fun to play with and…

Sluban & LEGO

We love both of them πŸ’• Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses for sure. And we review some of them in the following posts: Advertisement

Energizing You, Energizing Your Future

It even fits with an air freshener. What a design πŸ˜‚ Such an out of the box idea, captured in a beautiful shot πŸ“Έ And by the way, this shot was sent to us from our customer Bakti who work for Pertamina (an Indonesian state-owned energy company). A company who wants to energize you, and…

Expect The Unexpected

Expect the unexpected,believe in the unbelievable,achieve the unachievable. πŸ”₯

Lock Out Tag Out

Make sure you do a proper LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) as per the procedure before you do any intrusive maintenance work on the equipment. Ensure that all hazardous energy sources are isolated before the maintenance work is started. Also don’t forget to smile 😁

SALAMINA Separator-Pump Package LM SYS20

Once upon a time, in a project, a big one, someone mentioned a very good project wisdom. He said that in every project, there’s always three things: Quality, Cost, and Schedule. And we can’t have the luxury of those three things all at once. At max, we can only have two. We can have a…

Vertical Separator and Pump System

This is a design of a combination set that consists of our LM PV20 vertical separator, and two of our LM301 centrifugal pumps in parallel arrangement. One as duty, and the other as backup. N+1 sparing philosophy as we commonly have 😁 And don’t worry, we have suctions strainers, discharge check valves, and isolation valves…

WEIS Splitter Wellhead LM SW20

A unique memento for your employee or friend. An office display to light up your day. A home decor or an educational tools to inspire future generation πŸ™Œ

Splitter Wellhead Design

In an offshore application, space is very limited. And designing minimum size platform deck is critical to improve cost efficiency. That’s why you might need a splitter wellhead system, which allows you to have 2 or more wells in the same conductor. In our special case, a little mechanic’s case, we got the size down…

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing is to keep the most important thing, the most important thing.

A Liquid Hug

Coffee. A liquid hug for your brain.

LM TS1000 Lite Tensegrity LEGO

Introducing the light version of our LM TS1000. Amazingly floats, purely by tension in action πŸ™Œ

Us and Our Tools

We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.


Siemens power transformer from Germany vs Simaman power transformer from Indonesia.


American design of Solar Centaur 50 gas turbine engine vs Sundanese design of Sobar gas turbine engine.

A. S. E. P.

Sekilas ini kaya aplikasi Paint ya gaes. Tapi begitu tombol “Run” di-klik, gravitasi plus hukum-hukum Fisika lainnya langsung ON 😁 Jadi ini tuh software simulasi Fisika 2 Dimensi yang namanya Algodoo, gaes. Aplikasi yang bikin belajar Fisika jadi FUN. Plus, ini software, gratis tis tis alias Free Software gaes πŸ”₯ In syaa Allaah kita mau…

The Best Job

The best job is not the one with most money. It’s the one carefully crafted with your hand. Sold with integrity and honesty.

Life isn’t about being rich

“Son… Life isn’t about being rich. It’s about doing the right thing. You can be rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. What matters, is you stand and struggle to do what is right.”

Specific Speed

“Oohh…. Ini toh pump specific speed.” 😁

Coffee with a friend

Coffee with a friend is like capturing happiness in a cup.

When I grow up

“When I grow up, I wanna be like them.”

Creativity, Knowledge, Experience

Turning Lego bricks into a gas turbine engine miniature is a combination of creativity, technical knowledge, and industry experience. All to silently promote our love of engineering to our family and the next generation.

Our Job Is…

Turning Lego bricks to a power transformer miniature, as part of the effort to inspire our future generation engineers and scientists.

Now with Sticker & LEGO Tire – Indonesian Flat Tire Repair Service

As an Indonesian, you may not realize that “Jasa Tambal Ban” like we normally see here in Indonesia, is probably unique to Indonesia 😁 Because in many countries outside of Indonesia, there are no flat tire repair service, with this unique appearance, widely available in almost every spot and every major streets. So how on…

All New Blek Kerupuks

We added new green colored container, as well as adding some stickers to resemble the real Blek Kerupuk even more 😁 Kita udah tambahin nih blek warna ijo, plus kita tambahin juga stiker supaya lebih mirip lagi sama blek kerupuk beneran 😁

Dragon Fruit

It has nothing to do with dragon, just fruit 😁 Ngga ada hubungannya sama naga, cuma buah 😁

LM TS1000G Tensegrity Structure

Introducing LM TS1000G Tensegrity Structure. This is a greener version of LM TS1000. Same shape, just greener 😁 Perkenalkan gaes, ini adalah LM TS1000G Tensegrity Structure. Versi yang lebih hijau dari LM TS1000. Bentuknya sama, cuma lebih hijau 😁


/brikΙ™’bilΙ™dΔ“/ A term we defined as a measure of how possible to turn something into miniature using LEGO bricks 😁 And we ourselves, are quite surprised to see that many industrial equipment, turns out to be highly brickable. With a size reasonably proportional to a standard LEGO minifigure, which roughly about 1:40 in scale πŸ˜β€¦

Upgraded Gas Turbine Model

The other day, one of our customer who bought our LM GTE460 gas turbine engine model, reported some problem in the engine support. Where it tend to detached from the engine when subjected to horizontal movement. And we really value customer’s feedback. It is essential and valuable for our product improvement. So alhamdulillah, by the…

LMV220EB Design

From our name, you can obviously know, that we are mechanical person, not electrical. Otherwise, the name would be Little Electrician 😁 So when we develop our LMV220 Power Transformer model, we tried our best to learn major components of a power transformer, including bushings. But when someone who work in one of transformer manufacturing…

Two Biggest Model by Far

One to generate power. The other to lower down its voltage to be acceptable by power consumers. All in a scale of 1:40 roughly 😁 Yang satu buat ngebangkitin listrik. Yang satu lagi buat nuruin tegangan listriknya supaya bisa diterima sama pengguna listrik. Dua-duanya dalam skala 1:40 -an lah kurang lebih 😁

SIMAMAN Power Transformer LMV220

Introducing our new model. SIMAMAN Power Transformer LMV220 😁 And this is the second largest model. Only slightly smaller than the gas turbine. Note: For those of you who’s not familiar with power distribution system, this is not a kind of transformer that can turn into robot 😁 Eng… ing… eng… perkenalkan model baru kami,…

Young Indonesian Farmer

One day, one of our colleague from agribusiness, share this information in his social media: “Penurunan jumlah petani mayoritas berada di wilayah Kecamatan Ambarawa dan Kecamatan Tuntang,” ungkap Rochwan [Kepala BPS Kabupaten Semarang 2014], di Ungaran, Jumat (26/09/2014). Currently the decline has reduced the agriculture producers now to only 2.3% of the population of Kecamatan…

Do It for Good

Whoever you are, whatever you do, do it for good. Do it for something big, something useful, something meaningful… Siapapun kamu, apapun pekerjaanmu, lakukanlah untuk kebaikan. Lakukanlah untuk sesuatu yang besar. Sesuatu yang berguna. Sesuatu yang berarti dan bermakna…

Design of Power Transformer

Who said we are too oil & gas minded? 😁 For any of you who work in PLN, or other power related company, this model might be for you 😁 As usual, this is still render of a 3D model. Siapa bilang kita terlalu oil & gas minded? 😁 Buat kamu yang kerja di PLN,…

Scaffolding Kit for LM PV20

Construction folks, you asked it, we give it 😁 Orang construction, kamu minta, kita kasih 😁

Little is Incredible

Little is indeed incredible… Kecil itu emang gokil…

View from Above

One of the most beautiful things at a project site or a plant, is a view from a height. A view from above. Where all the equipment suddenly appear like miniatures to the eyes. Salah satu pemandangan terindah di suatu lapangan project atau plant, adalah pemandangan dari tempat yang tinggi. Pemandangan dari atas. Dimana semua…

Simultaneous Operations

And by the way, due to the tight schedule, often partial startup and SIMOPs (Simultaneous Operations) is un-avoidable 😁 Where one process train is in operation, while the other is still under construction. Dan btw, karena jadwal yang ketat, seringkali partial startup dan SIMOPs (Simultaneous Operations) itu ngga bisa dihindari 😁 Dimana satu process train…

Connecting Equipment

In a project, connecting an equipment with another one, is almost always accompanied with challenges. And often, a tough one. But we are here, to take the world’s toughest brick challenges 😁 Biidznillaah… Dalam sebuah project, ngehubungin satu equipment sama equipment lain itu hampir selalu diiringin sama tantangan-tantangan. Dan seringkali tantangannya berat. Tapi kita hadir,…

ATIATI Demolition Hammer LM VR2000

This one is a request from one of our colleague who work in a demolition hammer manufacturer (Hilti) 😁 Even though it’s quite simple (only 44 parts), but we like it. Because in the process, we can learn the flooring technique required, to create an effect of destroyed concrete 😁 Note: Ati-ati in Sundanese means…

Piping System Kit for LM301

LM301 owners, now you can expand your model by adding this kit 😁 And for any of you who don’t have LM301 model already, you can buy it together with this kit, and get a discounted price 😁 Buat kamu yang udah punya LM301, sekarang kamu bisa nambahin model kamu sama kit ini nih πŸ˜β€¦

Design of Piping System Kit for LM301

For any of you who already own our LM301 Centrifugal Pump model, just wanna let you know that we’re currently developing an expansion kit as well for LM301 model. It’s a piping system kit that consist of suction-discharge piping, suction-discharge block valves, suction strainer, discharge check valve, and discharge gauge 😁 In syaa Allaah we…

Design vs Real One

Many who saw a picture of our design, think that it is a real Lego brick. But we say to them it ain’t one 😁 It’s only a photo-realistic render of a 3D model. So here you are a head to head comparison between the design and the real one. They have some differences for…

Design of Scaffolding Kit for LM PV20

For those of you who deal daily with construction activities, a tidy and well constructed equipment miniature might not represent what is your work really about. Because in construction, at least you need to see scaffoldings around the equipment. So here you are 😁 A 3D design of scaffolding kit for our LM PV20 vertical…

Unfinished Design of Scaffolding Kit

Soon, in syaa Allaah, we will be releasing also expansion kits for some existing models. And this video shows the unfinished design of scaffolding kit for LM PV20 vertical separator. Still working on it πŸ˜„ Bentar lagi, in syaa Allaah, kita juga bakal nge-release expansion kit buat beberapa model yang udah ada. Dan video di…

Indonesian Flat Tire Repair Service

As an Indonesian, you may not realize that “Jasa Tambal Ban” like we normally see here in Indonesia, is probably unique to Indonesia 😁 Because in many countries outside of Indonesia, there are no flat tire repair service, with this unique appearance, widely available in almost every spot and every major streets. So how on…

Indonesian Crackers Container a.k.a. Blek Kerupuk

If you are an Indonesian, wherever you are right now, wherever you travel to any part of the world, we can be quite sure that you won’t find these containers right there. A container that is so unique to Indonesia. Unique to warung nasi or small Indonesian restaurant. A container you can’t forget 😁 If…

Indonesian Farmer

From, for Indonesian farmers

Indonesia Banget Series

Several weeks ago, someone from an agribusiness, contacted us and asked us whether we can also make something for Indonesian farmers and agriculture. So we said, “Sure, why not.” 😁 Having said that, other than continuously expanding our industrial equipment miniature series, in syaa Allaah we plan to also working on a new series. It’s…

Taking on The World’s Toughest Brick Challenges

As you might often experience, that reality in the field is not always as “beautiful” as in the design. Challenges and un-expected problems often occurred. And we might overlooked some important practical aspects. Believe it or not, it happens as well in the “field” of LEGO creation 😁 Designing our own LEGO creation inside a…

SALAMBERSIH Vertical Two Phase Separator LM PV20

Before attempting to work at height, ensure you wear a full body harness and remember to maintain minimum three points of contact 😁 So here you are the LM PV20 Vertical Two Phase Separator 😁 Notes: One of the well known company who deal a lot with separator, is Schlumberger. The spelling is  “shlum-bur-shay” or…

SOBAR Gas Turbine Engine LM GTE460

Humbly present to you, our LM GTE460 😁 And don’t worry, for any of you who also waiting for the vertical separator model, we will launch it soon as well, in syaa Allaah. Notes: For any of you who doesn’t familiar with the gas turbine world, one of the well know industrial type gas turbine…

View from Hot End

For any of you who’s curious to see how our LM GTE460 looks like from hot end, here you are 😁 And alhamdulillah we received a lot of enthusiasm on this model. Even the first and second unit have been booked by our colleagues. This is by far, our largest model, with 636 LEGO parts.…

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