Design of Piping System Kit for LM301

For any of you who already own our LM301 Centrifugal Pump model, just wanna let you know that we’re currently developing an expansion kit as well for LM301 model.

It’s a piping system kit that consist of suction-discharge piping, suction-discharge block valves, suction strainer, discharge check valve, and discharge gauge 😁

In syaa Allaah we will soon release it. This kit will also allow space for future expansion of another LM301 to be added, in a parallel arrangement.

Buat kamu yang udah punya model LM301 Centrifugal Pump, sedikit info nih, kalo kita juga lagi develop expansion kit but model LM301.

Expansion kit nya berupa piping system kit yang terdiri dari suction-discharge piping, dicharge block valve, suction strainer, discharge check valve, dan discharge gauge 😁

In syaa Allaah kita bakal release sebentar lagi. Kit ini juga nyediain ruang buat expansion kit mendatang yang memungkinkan tambahan LM301 yang dipasang secara paralel.

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