Industrial Equipment Miniature Series

LEGO based equipment miniatures specially designed for engineers, technicians, managers, retirees, and enthusiasts. A way to silently promote our love of science, engineering, and profession to our family and the next generation. Display it at your office or your home.

SIMAMAN Power Transformer LMV220EB

SIMAMAN Power Transformer LMV220

SOBAR Gas Turbine Engine LM GTE460MS


WEIS Splitter Wellhead LM SW20

SALAMINA Separator-Pump Package LM SYS20

SALAMBERSIH Vertical Two Phase Separator LM PV20

GEWOR Centrifugal Pump LM301

GEWOR Diaphragm Pump LM DP10B

SIMAMAN Coriolis Flowmeter LM FCT10

LAUK Control Valve LM FLo

ATIATI Demolition Hammer LM VR2000

Coming up

Expansion Kits

Piping System Kit for LM301 Centrifugal Pump

Scaffolding Kit for LM PV20 Vertical Separator

Coming soon


tekniSHen tools

tekniSHen Custom Minifigure

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