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Welcome to Little Mechanic

We are small mechanics who love to build, play and learn with bricks and other educational toys. Who want to share our love of science, engineering, and profession, to our family and the next generation.

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Kami adalah para mekanik kecil yang suka membongkar, membangun, bermain dan belajar dengan bricks dan mainan edukasi. Yang ingin menularkan kecintaan science, engineering dan profesi-nya kepada para orang tua dan generasi masa depan kita.

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Berbagai kosa kata Bahasa Sunda, ditampilkan bersama Bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia, disertai ilustrasi gokil.


Sebuah komik bergenre Sunlish (Sundanese English), humor garing, sains, dan engineering.

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What is Tensegrity Structure?

A tensegrity structure is a type of structure in which compression and tension are used in conjunction to create a stable and strong form. The name “tensegrity” is a blend of words from “tensional integrity,” which refers to the balance of forces within the structure. Tensegrity structures are typically composed of a combination of compression…

The Rhyme of Oil Separator

A separator vessel of oil and gas,A machine of mighty worth and mass,It stands tall and strong, a sight to behold,A guardian of oil, both young and old. With pipes and valves and gauges galore,It works around the clock, never a bore,Separating the two, with skill and finesse,It performs its task with great success. The…