Profession of Hope

Earth is incredible... And a plant growing out of it, is a miracle. But it grow slow... Too slow for someone who want it in a single blow. Life on a farm is a school of patience. And farming, is a profession of hope. Order Now

Young Indonesian Farmer

One day, one of our colleague from agribusiness, share this information in his social media: "Penurunan jumlah petani mayoritas berada di wilayah Kecamatan Ambarawa dan Kecamatan Tuntang," ungkap Rochwan [Kepala BPS Kabupaten Semarang 2014], di Ungaran, Jumat (26/09/2014). Currently the decline has reduced the agriculture producers now to only 2.3% of the population of Kecamatan... Continue Reading →

Do It for Good

Whoever you are, whatever you do, do it for good. Do it for something big, something useful, something meaningful... Note: These two photos feature some new minifigures that soon will be launched in our custom brick set  Siapapun kamu, apapun pekerjaanmu, lakukanlah untuk kebaikan. Lakukanlah untuk sesuatu yang besar. Sesuatu yang berguna. Sesuatu yang berarti... Continue Reading →

Design vs Real One

Many who saw a picture of our design, think that it is a real Lego brick. But we say to them it ain't one 😁 It's only a photo-realistic render of a 3D model. So here you are a head to head comparison between the design and the real one. They have some differences for... Continue Reading →

Indonesian Farmer

Kami mungkin tidak terkenal, namun kami di sini untuk Indonesia Kami mendedikasikan setiap pagi, agar setiap pagi, setiap warga Indonesia bisa memiliki makanan di mejanya Memang semua ini melelahkan. Namun kami tahu, kami melakukannya untuk sesuatu yang berarti dan bermakna Custom Brick Set Indonesia Farmer From, for Indonesian farmers Order Now

Indonesia Banget Series

Several weeks ago, someone from an agribusiness, contacted us and asked us whether we can also make something for Indonesian farmers and agriculture. So we said, "Sure, why not." 😁 Having said that, other than continuously expanding our industrial equipment miniature series, in syaa Allaah we plan to also working on a new series. It's... Continue Reading →

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