Young Indonesian Farmer

One day, one of our colleague from agribusiness, share this information in his social media:

“Penurunan jumlah petani mayoritas berada di wilayah Kecamatan Ambarawa dan Kecamatan Tuntang,” ungkap Rochwan [Kepala BPS Kabupaten Semarang 2014], di Ungaran, Jumat (26/09/2014). Currently the decline has reduced the agriculture producers now to only 2.3% of the population of Kecamatan Ambarawa… that is just 1209 petani / farmers and 239 buruh tani/farm workers …

Publikasi Kecamatan dalam angka ini merupakan publikasi rutin yang diterbitkan oleh BPS Kabupaten Semarang. Publikasi ini memuat data dan informasi statistik tentang keadaan geografi, pemerintahan, kependudukan, sosial, kesehatan dan pendidikan di wilayah Kecamatan Ambarawa.

Then, someone commented on his post like this: “Farming isn’t a sexy business. Low wages. Low revenue.

And our heart was broken hearing that.

As Indonesian, we may have small or even no concern to the future of our food producing capability. And farmers are becoming more and more rare in our country. So it’s essential to plant the seed of love on farming, to our young generation.

And it’s always our dream, to see people do something, Not based on its higher salary, nor better career. But to struggle for a cause. An honorable cause.

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