All New Blek Kerupuks

We added new green colored container, as well as adding some stickers to resemble the real Blek Kerupuk even more 😁 Kita udah tambahin nih blek warna ijo, plus kita tambahin juga stiker supaya lebih mirip lagi sama blek kerupuk beneran 😁 Order Now

Dragon Fruit

It has nothing to do with dragon, just fruit 😁 Ngga ada hubungannya sama naga, cuma buah 😁 Order Now Order Now


We build, repair, maintain, troubleshoot, research, design, plan, manage, upgrade, enhance, improve, optimize, work together πŸ˜„ Order Now Order Now


/brikΙ™'bilΙ™dΔ“/ A term we defined as a measure of how possible to turn something into miniature using LEGO bricks 😁 And we ourselves, are quite surprised to see that many industrial equipment, turns out to be highly brickable. With a size reasonably proportional to a standard LEGO minifigure, which roughly about 1:40 in scale 😁... Continue Reading →

Awesome Customer Portfolios

"Igniting brighter future of Indonesian energy." 😁 Portfolios of LM PV20 Vertical Separator & Its Scaffolding Kit Portfolios of LM PV20 Vertical Separator & Its Scaffolding Kit Portfolios of LM GTE460MS Gas Turbine Engine Portfolios of LM GTE460MS Gas Turbine Engine

Our Minifigures

Soon, in syaa Allaah, you will be able to buy separately from many different kind of our custom LEGO minifigure and each individual tools they have 😁 Our Custom Minifigures Sebentar lagi, in syaa Allaah, kamu bakal bisa beli secara terpisah, bermacam-macam custom minifigure yang biasa muncul di samping miniatur equipment. Dan kamu juga bisa... Continue Reading →

Profession of Hope

Earth is incredible... And a plant growing out of it, is a miracle. But it grow slow... Too slow for someone who want it in a single blow. Life on a farm is a school of patience. And farming, is a profession of hope. Order Now

Upgraded Gas Turbine Model

The other day, one of our customer who bought our LM GTE460 gas turbine engine model, reported some problem in the engine support. Where it tend to detached from the engine when subjected to horizontal movement. And we really value customer's feedback. It is essential and valuable for our product improvement. So alhamdulillah, by the... Continue Reading →

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