Design of Scaffolding Kit for LM PV20

For those of you who deal daily with construction activities, a tidy and well constructed equipment miniature might not represent what is your work really about. Because in construction, at least you need to see scaffoldings around the equipment.

So here you are 😁

A 3D design of scaffolding kit for our LM PV20 vertical two phase separator, that can be added to LM PV20 custom brick set. In syaa Allaah it will be released soon.

3D Design Render of Scaffolding Kit for LM PV20 Vertical Separator

Buat kamu yang sehari-harinya ngurusin aktivitas konstruksi, miniatur alat yang udah rapi, bersih, & udah jadi, mungkin ngga ngegambarin real kerjaan kamu yang sebenernya. Soalnya di konstruksi, seengganya kita harus ngeliat ada scaffolding di sekitaran alat-alatnya.

Jadi, silahkan nih 😁

Udah jadi 3D design nya buat scaffolding kit, yang bisa ditambahin ke LM PV20 custom brick set. In syaa Allaah bentar lagi kita release.

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