What is Tensegrity Structure?

A tensegrity structure is a type of structure in which compression and tension are used in conjunction to create a stable and strong form. The name “tensegrity” is a blend of words from “tensional integrity,” which refers to the balance of forces within the structure.

Tensegrity structures are typically composed of a combination of compression elements (such as rods or struts) and tension elements (such as cables or tendons) that work together to create a stable and resilient form. The compression elements provide the strength and support, while the tension elements hold the structure together and keep it stable.

The elements are usually interconnected, so that a change in the shape of one element affects the shape of the whole structure. This type of structures can be found in nature and human-made structures, like bridges, masts, poles, sculptures and also in some toys or educational models such as the LEGO Tensegrity.

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