Gas Turbine Maintenance Organization

The key to all satisfactory maintenance activity is planning. This is especially true when dealing with gas turbines. Even the simplest of maintenance tasks, whether it is recognized or not, requires some measure of pre-planning. A maintenance policy for gas turbines must address the increased importance of inspection and overhaul planning if unplanned outages are to be avoided. Each user regardless of the number or type of the engine must institute the following basic type of planning to be successful in gas turbine maintenance:

  1. Material / Spare Parts Planning
  2. Manpower / Training
  3. Technical Analysis / Historical Record keeping
  4. Contingency Planning

Each of these basic types come together into a formal turbine overhaul and inspection plan. Without any one of them, the overall effort will never achieve maximum effectiveness. This type of planning is fundamentally no different from other types of rotating machinery planning.

-Major Process Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Heinz Bloch, page 451

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