A. S. E. P.

Sekilas ini kaya aplikasi Paint ya gaes. Tapi begitu tombol “Run” di-klik, gravitasi plus hukum-hukum Fisika lainnya langsung ON 😁

Jadi ini tuh software simulasi Fisika 2 Dimensi yang namanya Algodoo, gaes. Aplikasi yang bikin belajar Fisika jadi FUN. Plus, ini software, gratis tis tis alias Free Software gaes 🔥

In syaa Allaah kita mau bikin video-video tutorial / demo-nya nih. Stay tuned yak.

At a glance, you may thought this to be a Paint-like application. But when the “Run” button is clicked, suddenly gravity and other Physics laws started to be ON 😁

So, this is actually a 2D physics simulation software named Algodoo, guys. An application which makes learning Physics a lot of FUN. Plus, this is a free software, would you believe 🔥

In shaa Allaah we will be making the tutorial / demo videos. Stay tuned.

Dukung kami untuk terus berkarya dan berbagi, dengan berbelanja di online store kami.

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