Well Established LEGO | Niche Filling Sluban

LEGO is a well established brand. While Sluban is relatively new, but filling the niche ๐Ÿ––

Sluban was founded in 2004 and relatively new to the market. They may not have a well established fans nor community. But more and more people know them. Especially because Sluban have a vast options of military theme, which somehow avoided by LEGO. And they also have many options of profession theme, engineering, construction, city and more.

In the other hand, LEGO was founded in 1932 and since then has become the leading brand for building block toys. They have a well established fans and community around the world.

LEGO itu brand yang udah mapan banget. Sedangkan Sluban itu cukup baru, tapi bisa ngisi segmen market tertentu ๐Ÿ––

Sluban didiriin tahun 2004 dan termasuk baru di pasaran. Mereka ngga punya jaringan fans dan komunitas yang udah mapan kaya LEGO. Tapi makin ke sini makin banyak yang kenal mereka. Soalnya Sluban punya pilihan yang banyak banget di tema militer, yang entah kenapa dihindari sama LEGO. Mereka juga punya banyak opsi tema profesi, keteknikan, konstruksi, kota, dan masih banyak lagi.

Di sisi lain, LEGO didiriin tahun 1932 dan semenjak itu udah jadi merk mainan building block paling populer. Mereka juga punya jaringan fans dan komunitas yang udah mapan banget di seluruh dunia.

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