Durable LEGO | Affordable Sluban

LEGO is stronger and durable, while Sluban is more affordable 🖖 You can play with LEGO for years and the grip between the bricks will still be as new. You won't likely have a loose connection between the bricks. While Sluban's price in general, is 60% of LEGO. It still fun to play with and... Continue Reading →

Sluban & LEGO

We love both of them 💕 Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses for sure. And we review some of them in the following posts: Advertisement Mau beli Sluban atau LEGO? Di KINE.tic Store aja! Online store terpercaya | LEGO | Bricks | Edu Toys | Bandung, Jawa Barat Liat-liat koleksinya yuk!

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