Garage’s Projects


Little is Incredible | Look how all the little mechanics are disassembling a gear much bigger than their size. With nuts and bolts much more heavier than their weight. Isn’t this an incredible scene, brother and sister? Read more.

Mechanics of Nail Clipper | Is there anyone who had an experience of being punished by the teacher at school due to long finger nails? Haha. We were so lazy at that time to clip our nail, aren’t we? Regardless the fact that an incredible device called nail clipper already invented. Can we imagine the world without nail clippers? And before it was invented, how on earth we cut our nails? Read more.

Behind The Striking of a Match | Have you ever wonder what actually happened when we strike a match? Eventually, so many chemical reactions happened within that short period of time, within the blink of our eyes. In this episode, we will try our best to explain it. Read more.

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