Little is Incredible

Little is incredible. Look how all the little mechanics are disassembling a gear much bigger than their size. With nuts and bolts much more heavier than their weight. Isn’t this an incredible scene, brother and sister?

For some reason, we human, either kids or adults, somehow, to some degree, have some interest in the miniature world and in something that small in size. It appears that they have some special power which make them looks adorable and incredible.

Having said that, please let us, together with all these little mechanics, have some work here in These little guys are all eager to dismantle, build, measure, play and learn something new. For sure they can only dismantle small stuff from our every day life or small toys. Not any stuff or toy, but any one of them that work under certain science or engineering principle. Why? It’s simply because we love it.

Let us try to work our best to express and transfer our love of science and engineering, to our kids, our future scientists and engineers and also the parents. Because unfortunately in this country (Indonesia), science and engineering serve only as a vehicle to past a test and as a money making machine. It taste so dry, without sense of love in it. The kids are not learning let say math or physics because they like it, but just only to get a good mark. Just to past the test. Just for a promising career.

We forget that through love and passion, sincerity and excellence emerge. Something which can inspire this country from back-down, toward advancement. InshaaAllah.

Maybe that’s all that we can say for the first post. Happy reading, and hope you like it. And don’t forget brother and sister, that little is incredible 😀

Cover image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

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