Magnetoz – 01 Berjibatu (English)

In this first episode, Tatang with his buldozer need to struggle with stone, to search for something. One of the equivalent word for “struggle” in Bahasa Indonesia is “berjibaku”. In the other hand, “stone” in Bahasa Indonesia is called “batu”. Hence, out of his desperate sense of humor, the writer put an unknown word “berjibatu” for the title. Which indicate a meaning of “struggle with stone”. Our apology for this desperate humor, haha.

So what is Tatang looking for actually? Let’s see his comment below,

This is an instruction from the management. The decision is final. I just do what I instructed to do.

Ookey… That’s quite helpful. Thank you very much Tatang for this incredibly short information. Ookey maybe Tatang is busy with his struggling with the stone, let’s try to go to Wawan, who seems to search for something as well.

Indeed, me and Tatang is currently searching for two kinds of raw material. The first one looks like a stick, while the other one looks like a ball. Babeh said that these are raw material to build educational toys.

That is the explanation from Wawan. That’s quite interesting. What exactly these sticks and balls? Let’s see some further clue.

After the raw materials are gathered, Ujang inspected it thoroughly to ensure the materials are meeting the safety standard. Here is some information from him,

Regardless of size, whether it’s small or big, safety is always our priority.

From Ujang’s inspection result, it’s a bit clear now, brother and sister, that the things these little mechanics searching for, are two raw material that will be used for educational toys. The first materials are some kind of sticks made of neodymium magnet, while the second materials are metal balls. What kind of educational toys they working on exactly?

Find out in Episode 2:

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