The Garage’s Worker

Welcome to our Garage, brother and sister. Small, but artful Garage 🙂 It’s located on a strategic area in Pasundan land, with 725 cm2 building area. Building height of 13 cm is adequate for various toy size which need to be repaired, maintained, or built. It’s also equipped with 80 gram capacity overhead crane and other lifting equipment as required. Our Garage is also equipped with safety equipment and fire fighting team to maintain a safe working environment.

Other than good facility, our Garage is also run by qualified workers who are expert in their field, the little mechanics, who can’t hardly wait to get in touch with you all, brother and sister. So, without further ado, let’s get them introduced.

Babeh – Lead Mechanic

Babeh (not a real name), is the most senior mechanic in the Garage. Only the closest few mechanics knew his real name. Long series of his experiences have made him very capable in leading his team.

John – Senior Mechanic

John is the only expat in the Garage. He came from UK, but fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and Basa Sunda, which make him easily blend with the team who are mostly Sundanese. John, although still considered young, he is an expert, smart, and friendly individual who love to share his knowledge with other mechanics.

Dadang – Lifting Specialist

Dadang is a certified expert on all lifting equipment. He can operate all lifting equipment in the Garage and knows every nuts and bolts of it. Rumor said that he is the only one in the Garage who knows Babeh’s real name. He might have plain and geeky face, but his skills is unquestionable.

Asep – Rigger

No body can under estimate the importance of Asep‘s job. As a Rigger, he needs to ensure every parts or components to be lifted are perfectly hooked and tightened. Hoist and hook are his daily companion. Asep is the youngest member of the team, but he is smart and quick learner. Even though his main skills is rigging, but he also good on many other things.

Ujang – Fire Fighter

If there’s any hazard, Ujang and his fire truck are always ready. As a fire fighter who is specially trained to handle any hazards, especially fire, Ujang need to be ready at any time. Because it’s about the safety of his team.

Tatang – Bulldozer Operator

Many projects from often involves outdoor projects which need heavy equipment. Here is where Tatang with his bulldozer, take part.

Wawan – Loader Operator

Similar with Tatang, Wawan is a heavy equipment operator. His loader is always ready to dredge and load any important material required by the team. His dark skin shows how hard working he is in the field.

So brother and sister, hope you get acquainted with them already. Each of them inshaAllah will show what they can do in every project in the Garage. So stay tuned brother and sister! Because little is incredible!

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