What is Tensegrity Structure?

A tensegrity structure is a type of structure in which compression and tension are used in conjunction to create a stable and strong form. The name "tensegrity" is a blend of words from "tensional integrity," which refers to the balance of forces within the structure. Tensegrity structures are typically composed of a combination of compression... Continue Reading →

The Rhyme of Oil Separator

A separator vessel of oil and gas,A machine of mighty worth and mass,It stands tall and strong, a sight to behold,A guardian of oil, both young and old. With pipes and valves and gauges galore,It works around the clock, never a bore,Separating the two, with skill and finesse,It performs its task with great success. The... Continue Reading →

Theory of Engineering Enthusiasm

e = mc² Where "e" is engineering enthusiasm. And "m" is miniaturability and brickability of an engineering equipment, which is a measure of how easy certain equipment to be miniaturized and built by LEGO bricks. Then "c" is cuteness 😁 See Product

Our New Packaging

With our new packaging, you can save up to 30% in international shipping cost πŸ™Œ Try our shipment cost calculator to get the cost estimate. See Product

Diesel Fuel Filter Custom LEGO

Thank you PT Mitra Rekayasa Teknik for ordering Little Mechanic's Custom LEGO Set πŸ˜ƒAnd please don't hydro test the filter OK πŸ˜† For any of you who are not familiar, PT Mitra Rekayasa Teknik is a company in Indonesia who specialized in filtration products and filtration solution. Including liquid fuel (e.g. diesel) filtration, which has... Continue Reading →

From 0 kV to None

This power transformer will lower down the voltage from 0 kV to none πŸ˜›And it fits perfectly on your desk πŸ™Œ Note:If you want a custom company logo on the product name display, just let us know. We can make it for you. See Product

A Firepump with Zero Vibration

If you're looking for a way to evaluate rotating equipment vibration, and you have no history or baseline, then you can use ISO 10816 (previously ISO 2372). The standard contains criteria for judging machine condition from casing velocity measured at a specified location at each bearing, expressed in inch/second rms or mm/second rms. Remember: rms... Continue Reading →

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