View from Hot End

For any of you who’s curious to see how our LM GTE460 looks like from hot end, here you are 😁

And alhamdulillah we received a lot of enthusiasm on this model. Even the first and second unit have been booked by our colleagues. This is by far, our largest model, with 636 LEGO parts.

The required parts are coming, and we have received some of it. Hopefully we can launch it soon, maybe in the next couple of days, in syaa Allaah πŸ™‚

Buat kamu yang penasaran gimana penampakan LM GTE460 dari sisi hot end, ini yak penampakannya 😁

Dan alhamdulillah kita dapet banyak antusiasme di model ini. Bahkan unit pertama dan kedua, udah di-booking sama salah satu sahabat kita. Dan sejauh ini, ini model yang paling gede, dengan 636 komponen LEGO.

Komponen-komponen yang dibutuhin lagi otw, dan sebagian udah kita terima. Jadi mudah-mudahan kita bisa segera launch. Mungkin dalam beberapa hari ke depan, in syaa Allaah πŸ™‚

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