Piping System Kit for LM301 Centrifugal Pump

Custom Brick Set – Piping System Kit for LM301 Centrifugal Pump

Rp 167.000 (est. US$ 13)

  • Expand your existing LM301 Centrifugal Pump using this kit
  • The expansion kit consist of 39 parts (no minifigure provided). The technician minifigure is from your existing LM301 model.
  • Made of new original LEGO bricks
  • Custom made for engineers, technicians, managers, retirees, and enthusiasts
  • Display it at your office or your home
  • Assembly instruction provided in PDF

Pembeli dari Indonesia bisa membeli langsung dari online store kami. (Indonesian customer can purchase the product via our local online store.)

International Shipment Cost

Note: The number is estimation only in USD for shipment of 1-3 sets, insurance included, custom/tax excluded. Exact cost will be based on actual exchange rate. Please choose “Request a Quote” button above to get a quote.

Custom Brick Set

GEWOR Centrifugal Pump LM301

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